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What Do House Buyers Want?

  When looking for a house to buy, there are several important things to consider. First, you need to consider the type of buyer you are. If you are a first-time buyer, you should consider homes that are more than just a fixer-upper. You may want to consider purchasing a [...]

How to Sell a Home with Tenant Occupancy

    If you’re looking to sell your home for cash, Zillow offers a service that could make the process easier than ever. Known as an iBuyer, this company uses big data and analytics to give home sellers near-instant cash offers without ever visiting the property in person. It’s available [...]

How to Offer Cash for a House

  Cash offers are a great way to get a house without having to go through the hassle of mortgage financing. They are also becoming more popular as the housing market continues to heat up, making them even more attractive to buyers and sellers alike. How to Offer Cash for [...]

How Do House Buyers Pay Closing Costs?

  In a typical transaction, house buyers pay a set amount of closing costs that vary from two to five percent of the purchase price. This includes the cost of setting up the home loan, getting the home appraised, and transferring title. These costs can range from about $4,000 to [...]

How to Get Involved in Real Estate Investing

  There are many ways to get involved with Real Estate investing. Some people invest in houses, while others do so as an investment property. There are many options in the real estate market, including House flipping, Industrial, and Commercial properties. Some people also make money through research and development. [...]

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

  Real estate agents in larger metropolitan areas earn more money than those in smaller ones. This is because homes in such neighborhoods typically sell for more money. In addition, the cost of living in these neighborhoods is higher. As a result, the average listing price for real estate agents [...]